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Three simple steps to try out our bouquets:



Ask a free trial for a week:

-We would like to introduce our product and our service to the public. What else can be better to try something out for free? 

-The only thing you have to do just click on

and contact us.

-After that, we will contact you, we will make an appointment, when you will have the chance to come to know our bouquets.

-On the personal meeting you will see all the sizes, and you can choose the best for your place.

2_méret és darab.png

Choose the best sizes and quantities for your business:

After the one week trial, you have two options: 

 - If you liked it, you can choose which size and quantities of the bouquets you want.


 - If you don't like it, we will get back the sample, and if you change your mind, you can contact us anytime. 

3_élvezni a virágot.png


There is nothing left to do, 

just relax and enjoy the service:

- We will change your sample to the agreed size and quantity. You don't need to do anything, we will always swap the old to the new one.

- Unfortunately, you cannot choose a bouquet from the gallery, because every one of them are special and unique. We can't provide your choice will be available at the moment, but we can guarantee what you will get, you will be happy with it. However if you don't like our choice, you have the chance to swap it to another one locale. Of course there is no extra charge for it.

- Of course we can do special requests, after compliance.

- As you can see, we will deliver our bouquets in vase, and we will swap them in 4 weeks period automatically, but our prices are shown weekly.


What is it recommended for?

Firstly for any companies or businesses large or small, hospitality industries, or places who cannot decorate with real flowers.

Secondly for everyone else, who would like to decorate their home, office or living space with these bouquets.


We recommend for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, surgeries, pharmacies, health centers, optics, hair salons, solariums, beauty salons, gyms, yoga and pilates studios, libraries, galleries, showrooms, conference rooms, offices, receptions etc.

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